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GENERAL DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FLORIDA FORM – It is an unfortunate fact of life that due to advanced age, illness or accident, any one of us can become incapacitated, and no longer able to control our own financial affairs. In this case, the Florida Financial Power of Attorney statute allows us to name an individual designated as our Attorney-In-Fact, who will become our stand in for monetary matters.

LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY FLORIDA FORM – Allows a person to handle a specific financial decision or event or someone else. It can range from representing the person at a real estate closing to as small as withdrawing money from his or her bank account. The agent must strictly follow the guidelines set forth in the document and the Principal may choose the agent to handle any one of several financial matters.

MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY FLORIDA FORMS – (2 Sets of Forms) In Florida, there are two documents, the Designation of Health Care Surrogate and the Living Will, which will allow you to indirectly control your medical care if you become disabled. Without these protections in place, important decisions may well end up being made for you by unsympathetic family members or even by judges who know nothing about you as an individual. In your Living Will, you enumerate under what circumstances you would or would not consent to various types of medical procedures. Within the Designation of Health Care Surrogate, you choose a Health Care Surrogate to make the innumerable decisions about your health care that aren’t enumerated in your living will.

* – Living Wills & Health Care Surrogate Documents can be, but are “not” required to be notarized!

MOTOR VEHICLE – MOBILE HOME – BOAT – POA FLORIDA FORM – This document may be used to elect a person to handle a title transfer (Sale) or application, as well as register the operating vehicle with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Find Office in Your County). All that is required to make legal is the description of the vehicle stated including; Year Make/Manufacturer Body Type Title Number Vehicle/Vessel Identification Number (VIN) and the signatures of all the parties involved. No need for any witnesses or notary public to be present at signature time.

REAL ESTATE ONLY POWER OF ATTORNEY FLORIDA FORM – If a property owner would like to sell a piece of real estate owned in the State of Florida this document should be completed and notarized. This form is adequate to allow a real estate attorney or any other type of representative to be able to handle a real estate transaction to the benefit of the seller.

REVOCATION POWER OF ATTORNEY FLORIDA FORM – Use this document to cancel a power of attorney form that has been created in the State of Florida. The one page form needs to be authorized in front of a notary public in order to become legal and should be distributed to every public and private institution that should be notified of the cancellation.

TAX POWER OF ATTORNEY FLORIDA FORM – DR-835 – Allows a resident of Florida to choose an accountant or any other person to handle their State tax filing on their behalf. Most likely this document will be a part of your filing presented to you by your representative for signature. Unlike other power of attorney documents in Florida, this does not need to be witnessed or signed with a notary present.


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